New to Cloth Diapers? Here Are Some Terms You Should Know

Are you considering cloth diapers for your baby but are unsure where to start? Our Cloth Diaper Glossary will help you familiarize yourself with the terms you need to know to make an educated decision on which diapering option is right for you. You can also view information about each term by clicking the links in the descriptions.

All-In-One Diaper (AIO)

An All-In One Diaper is a reusable diaper that contains  both the absorbent inner and waterproof outer components sewn into one finished piece. Learn more about All-In-One Diapers.

All-In-Two Diaper (AI2)

Also known as a Hybrid diaper, this two-piece diapering system uses a waterproof cover and absorbent layers in the form of a soaker pad or insert which can be removed from the cover for laundering. Learn more about All-In-Two Diapers.

Cloth Diaper

A cloth diaper is a reusable diaper that is laundered and used  repeatedly, rather than thrown away like a disposable diaper. Learn more about cloth diapers.

Cloth Wipes

Wipes are used to clean up the diaper area of a baby when changing a diaper.  Cloth wipes are reusable wipes made of an absorbent fabric which are made wet just before use.  Learn more about cloth diaper wipes.

Diaper Covers

A diaper cover is a water-proof or water resistant cover that is worn over a fitted, prefold, or flat diaper. Learn more about diaper covers.

Disposable Diaper

A 100% throwaway diaper made out of paper, synthetic and chemical fillers which is meant to be disposed of after every use.  Read more about disposable diapers.

Diaper Pail Liner

A diaper pail liner is a bag made of waterproof material used to line a diaper pail.  When cloth diapers are soiled, they are placed in the pail until it is time to wash.  Learn more about diaper pail liners.

DSQ – Diaper Service Quality

The acronym DSQ stands for Diaper Service Quality, which is used to describe prefold diapers that are made of high quality cotton materials and can withstand the aggressive wash routine used by diaper service companies. Read more about diaper service quality.


A Doubler, often also called a booster, is a way of adding more absorbency to a cloth diaper. Read more about doublers.


A flat is a large single ply piece of fabric which can be folded to form a diaper.  Read more about flats.

Fitted Diapers

A fitted diaper is a diaper that is entirely made of absorbent materials with elastic at the legs and waist and a closure of hook and loop or snaps.  Learn more about fitted diapers.

Hook and Loop

Hook and loop is a general term describing the fastening materials made up of a soft plush loop material paired with nylon or plastic hook tape.  Read more about hook and loop closures.

Hybrid Diaper

A Hybrid diaper – also often called an All-In-Two – is a system which combines both cloth and disposable options for diapering. Read more about hybrid diapers.


An insert is the absorbent layer of a pocket style cloth diaper.  Read more about cloth diaper inserts.


A liner is a thin layer of material placed on top of a cloth diaper. Liners are available in multiple materials for multiple uses. Learn more about cloth diaper liners.


A prefold is a style of diaper that is a rectangle of cotton, or another absorbent fabric, layered and sewn together. Learn more about prefold diapers.


See definition for Cover.

Soaker Pads

Soaker Pads are the absorbent layers of an All-In-Two or Hybrid diapering system.  The soaker pad snaps into diaper shell. Together they form a complete diaper. Learn more about soaker pads.


In the cloth diaper community a stash is one’s collection of cloth diapers.  Learn more about cloth diaper stashes.


is a diaper fastener that was invented in South Africa in 1987 by a father looking for an easier way than pins to fasten his child’s cloth diapers. Learn more about Snappis.

Wet Bag

is a small water resistant bag, typically made of the PUL or TPU fabric that is most often brought along in a diaper bag to carry home any dirty diapers.  Learn more about wet bags.