All-In-One Diaper (AIO)

An All-In-One Diaper is a reusable diaper that contains  both the absorbent inner and waterproof outer components sewn into one finished piece.  Most AIOs include an outer waterproof layer, elastic at the legs and back, sewn-in absorbent layers, and an integrated closure system of either snaps or hook and loop tape.  This style of diaper is the simplest to use for many, as it goes on and off in one piece.  For this reason, many families who have a variety of diaper styles in their stash keep All-In-One diapers on hand for other caregivers to use (babysitters, grandparents, etc.)  For families sending children to daycare in cloth diapers these are a very popular choice.  A drawback to many All-In-One diaper designs is that they can take a very long time to dry after washing. When choosing an AIO, you may want to consider whether the design of the diaper allows for thorough cleaning and quick drying.