All-In-Two Diaper (AI2)

Also known as a Hybrid diaper, an All-in-Two diaper uses a waterproof cover and absorbent layers in the form of a soaker pad or insert which can be removed from the cover for laundering. The covers (sometimes called shells) in an All-In-Two system will typically have either snaps or hook and loop closures, as well as elastic at the legs and waist.  Some leading brands will also have integrated snaps on the interior that are designed to hold soaker pads in place.  However, not every All-In-Two system is created equal.  Some designs allow the sticky side of PUL fabric to touch baby’s sensitive skin, while others do not have a water resistant backing to their soaker pads, meaning that the cover can not be reused as often.

Though the terms are often used interchangeably there can be significant differences between All In Two and Hybrid diapers, namely that Hybrid diapers offer a disposable option, and some Hybrids have a  complex cover that is more than one piece. Though a Hybrid diaper is technically a different style, it is often very easy to use a hybrid diaper’s disposable insert inside of an All-in-Two diaper cover.