Cloth Diaper Liners

A cloth diaper liner is a thin layer of material placed on top of a cloth diaper. Cloth diaper liners are available in multiple materials for multiple uses. A flushable liner makes cleaning up a dirty diaper quick and easy because “solids” can be gathered and flushed away easily.  A liner made from fleece gives a baby a stay dry feeling if they are sensitive to the wetness of natural fibers against their skin.  These liners are also inexpensive, makes clean up easy, and minimizes staining.  Liners in raw silk are also available, and are said to be useful in place of rash creams and ointments when baby’s bottom needs healing.  These are delicate and expensive, however, so using them with every change is uncommon.  Scraps of t-shirts or flannel are also sometimes used as liners with rash cream, as they help to protect the diaper from the repellant residue of the cream and are easily disposed of if necessary.