Cloth Wipes

Cloth wipes are used to clean up the diaper area of a baby when changing a diaper.  Cloth wipes are reusable wipes made of an absorbent fabric which are made wet just before use.  Many parents use cloth wipes in conjunction with cloth diapers, as laundering is quick and easy since both can go in the same pail when changing the diaper.  Cloth wipes are typically the same size as their disposable counterparts, which makes storage in reusable containers and wipe warmers simple.  They can be stored wet in a container or dry with a squirt bottle ready for dampening them.  Some solutions used with wipes are made with essential oils or a few drops of baby wash, though it is both simple and safe to use plain water.

When choosing a cloth wipe, a two-ply wipe with at least one side textured is going to give the best control. Fewer cloth wipes will be used per change than disposable wipes because they are so much more effective at cleaning up.