Diaper Pail Liner

A diaper pail liner is a bag made of waterproof material used to line a diaper pail.  When cloth diapers are soiled, they are placed in the pail until it is time to wash.  Pail liners should be washed regularly with the diapers.  A smaller version of a pail liner, known as a Wet Bag is often used when out and about.  A pail liner might have an elasticized or drawstring opening and often fits in a standard tall kitchen garbage pail.  There are also pail liners designed to hang from door knobs and hooks.  Though these are great for adapting to storage space, they can be floppy and cumbersome to use. The patent pending Perfect Pail by GroVia is the only hanging pail that also has boning and structure that give it sturdiness and function, while also being fully machine washable.


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