Disposable Diapers

A disposable diaper is a 100% throwaway diaper made out of paper, synthetic, and chemical fillers which is meant to be disposed of after every use.  Disposable diapers are available in a variety of styles and at many different price points.  Having disposable diapers on hand in case of an emergency (such as prolonged power outage, unanticipated travel, if a child is using a medicated rash cream, etc.) is useful for families who otherwise use cloth diapers.  Many manufacturers do not disclose the exact materials used in their disposable diapers, but some chemicals in them have been known to cause hormonal disruption in animals. There are also many children who have sensitivities to the materials in some disposable diapers, resulting in significant skin reactions.  If disposable diapers are needed – or a family wishes to use cloth diapers part-time – there are low-chemical options that are ecologically more friendly as well.