Fitted Diaper

A fitted diaper is a diaper that is entirely made of absorbent materials with elastic at the legs and waist and a closure of hook and loop or snaps.  A fitted diaper might also have additional soaking layers in the wet zone. Fitteds are not waterproof and will require a cover if wearing under clothes.  Fitteds are bulkier than an All-In-One or All-In-Two style diaper, but do provide more absorbency.  There are several circumstances where fitteds are an excellent diapering choice.  Without a waterproof layer they are very breathable, allowing maximum air flow. The breathability is very good for rash prone children, as it helps to promote healing and healthy skin.  A good quality fitted can be worn coverless, is an excellent option for night times and heavy wetters, and is still very breathable when paired with a wool or fleece soaker.