Hybrid Diapers

Hybrid Diapers – also often called an All-In-Two Diapers – use a system which combines both cloth and disposable options for diapering.  The cover, or shell, in a Hybrid system is reusable and will typically have either snaps or hook and loop closures, as well as elastic at the legs and waist.  Some leading brands will include integrated snaps on the interior which are designed to hold absorbency layers in place.  The absorbent pad, or soaker, can be either cloth or disposable.  There are several advantages to using a hybrid diaper when compared to disposable diapers.  The most important of these is the flexibility to choose between cloth and disposable soaker options depending on the setting (at home, at daycare, travel, etc.)  Some hybrid systems also have the flexibility and longevity of a one-size cover which means fewer items to purchase, as a one-size cover can be used from infancy through potty training.  In addition, disposable soaker pads from some leading brands contain fewer chemicals and produce less landfill waste than disposables. Most disposable inserts are the same basic design, a thin papery outer layer on both sides with absorbent filling in between. The simple design of most disposable and cloth absorbency options means that moisture can pass through the insert or soaker, get wet on the other side, and therefore messes can soak through to the cover.  Some brands – for example, the carefully engineered designs from GroVia – use elastic gussets on the top and a water resistant backing, both of which help keep the shell clean and dry so it can be reused more often.