How to Buy Cloth Diapers

Buying cloth diapers can be overwhelming for new parents. This guide explores how to buy cloth diapers, what types of cloth diapers are right for you and your baby, and how to make this decision that will impact your pocket book and the environment.

Choosing to buy cloth diapers vs. disposables can be a significant cost-saver over time, especially if you wash them yourself as most users of cloth diapers do.  Cloth diapers can be a significant money saver, but if washing diapers every day isn’t your thing be sure to buy enough cloth diaper so you don’t have to wash diapers more frequently than every three to four days. After the initial purchase, you can save money by reusing cloth diapers from newborn to toddler years. You will find that you save more money if you are planning on having multiple children, and/or make most of your money back by selling them online.

Below are the 5 steps to making an informed decision on which types of cloth diapers are available and how to buy them.

  1. Research the Various Types of Cloth Diapers 

    ResearchOnce you have made the choice of cloth diapers, the next step is to decide what style of cloth diaper is right for your family. The type of cloth diaper you choose is a matter of personal preference and there are many options from which to choose.  Some families choose one style in order to “keep it simple”, while others like to pursue a “mixed bag” approach to keep things interesting and fun.  Both are perfectly viable strategies.  If you are unfamiliar and just want to test various approaches, many companies offer starter packs of cloth diapers that come with additional baby products. These accessories can vary based on the type of cloth diaper you choose. In general you will want to make sure the system you use has a cover (usually waterproof), one or more absorbency options (cloth and/or disposable), and you will likely want to consider using liners, which help with containing and disposing of waste. You can read a summary of the different cloth diaper styles here.

  2. Environmental Considerations

    No matter what choice you make, using cloth diapers will have a dramatic and positive impact on the environment.  However – just to complicate things a bit (!) – there are additional choices to be made about the types of material you want in the diapers that you choose. You can review an in-depth look at these material choices here.

  3. Choose Cloth Diapers Based on Style and Comfort For Baby

    style-and-comfortGone are the days of simply having prefold diapers when choosing style and design of cloth diapers. Cloth diapers today are undeniably adorable and fit better than earlier diapers. As mentioned earlier, there are many diaper designs to choose from, and it is important to note what type of diaper will work best for you and your child.  Diapers are available in a wide variety of colors and prints, many of which are gender neutral and others designed specifically for boys or girls.  Shopping for cloth diapers is just as much a choice of personal style (and fund!) as shopping for clothing. And with one size diapers (some brands), the child will get much more longevity out of a diaper than out of clothing. Many families also like to use at least a portion of gender neutral diapers so they can pass those diapers, and the savings, on to future children.

  4. Choosing High Quality Cloth Diapers Makes the Parental Experience Better.

    Quality of cloth diapers can have an amazing impact on you and your newborn. A good cloth diaper and a good cover can give you the satisfaction you need to continue with using cloth. Investing in quality products can make the whole cloth diapering process for you and your baby better and more cost-effective over the long term.  Buying the best quality products that you can afford does not necessarily mean the most expensive – prefolds plus a diaper shell can make for a very effective diapering system.

  5. Where to Buy

    where-to-buyYou can find recommended brands of cloth diapers, order cloth diaper shells and more from the Natural Baby Company. Get them online or come by for a visit, we’d love to see you. And given that we have been in this business for a LONG time, we know a lot about the subject of cloth diapers and would be happy to share our knowledge with you.

Buying cloth diapers doesn’t have to be overwhelming or costly. By taking the time to review options, you can make a great decision for your family and for our shared environment.

Not sure what the best products are? Ask other cloth diaper users for advice? Give us a call or contact us. You can also join the Natural Baby Company Facebook Page. We have a healthy group of cloth diaper users who love to talk about cloth diapers and which ones work best for them.