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    Childhood Store Crayons

    6 Egg Crayons $15.00 USD
    6 Crayon Tin Set $10.00 USD
    Ladybug Crayons $12.00 USD
    6 Chick Crayons $15.00 USD
    Triangle Crayons $12.00 USD
    Katie Gill-Harvey has spent most of her adult life making messes with kids in the name of art, both as a teacher and a mom. She is a collector of all kinds of random things that might be useful someday and a lover of adventuring around her hometown of Baltimore with her 3 kids.

    In 2012 Katie took her love of art supplies to the next level when she started making her own bees and soy wax crayons. After six months of perfecting the recipe, she created a soft, environmentally friendly crayon that blends and layers more like a pastel. The crayons come in an ever expanding variety of fun shapes and sizes to inspire creativity, fine motor development and imagination in artists of all sizes.