GroVia Perfect Pail
GroVia Perfect Pail
GroVia Perfect Pail

GroVia Perfect Pail

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The innovative diaper pail that can hang anywhere! Turn any clothes hanger into a hanging pail for dirty laundry or diapers.

Holds 3 days worth of diapers • Washable

Patent Pending.

Unique pop-up design provides a sleek look that integrates perfectly into any nursery.

  • Self-closing top allows diaper to be dropped in, but keeps smells at bay
  • Zippered "bathtub" bottom
  • 100% Water-resistant TPU
  • Machine washable
  • Pleated body for maximum volume
  • Dimensions: Approximately 26 x 18 inches

Available Colors:

Care Instructions:

Wash warm, hang or dry low.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Alecia L.
Holds a good amount of diapers

The perfect Paul seems to hold a good amount of diapers. It’s nice to be able to hang it as I live in a very tiny space. Overall very good my only complaint is I could still smell the diaper smell a little bit.


I disagree with the other reviews saying that you can smell the diapers inside; I haven’t found that to be the case. We have it hanging on a wooden hanger on the side of a Stokke changing table and it fits perfectly without touching the ground. Love the zipper on the bottom for easy emptying. Holds the perfect amount of diapers. Even if you have a lot of space this bag is better. I used to have one of those plastic diaper pails that was a pain to empty and barely held any cloth diapers even though I had the larger size, plus it used a standard bag that I had to flip upside down to empty. Wish we’d had this with our first child.

Brittany M.
Saving grace!

When diapering a new born we used the travel bags. Quickly after switching into larger AIO diapers we needed this desperately!!! I’ve gone a max of two days without washing although I’m sure it can fit more. Must have!!!!

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