Hevea Crown Round Baby Pacifier

    This rounded baby pacifier from Hevea gives your baby the perfect shape for chewing, teething, and tugging when it's needed most. Decorated with little crowns, watch out because your little royal just might make this the go-to binky.

    The Hevea Crown Baby Pacifier is crafted with 100% eco-friendly rubber from the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis.

    • Hygienic one piece design – no joints, cracks or edges
    • Soft and smooth against baby’s delicate skin
    • Recycled and biodegradable packaging materials
    • No harmful chemicals of any kind

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Our favorite paci

    This was the only paci my little would take. He had ties and this worked so well with the shape of his mouth. We ebf too. Definitely recommend it.

    Love this product

    I loved to find a natural rubber paci. I wish there were more nipple shapes available because as much as I loved this paci, it just wasn't the shape my baby wanted. I liked how bulbous this was though. Baby liked a very round paci. Also, for a round paci this one was nice and small for a little mouth. We tried the 0-6 month size.

    Just what we needed

    My son is breastfed, but has never liked to comfort nurse (oversupply) and I work, so he gets a pacifier when he goes to sleep or is with his Daddy. I wasn't comfortable with the plastic or silicone pacifiers because of the chemicals, but this one is perfect. He really prefers the round shape to the orthodontic, and its cute to boot. He can also grab it himself and put in back in because of the large loop. The smell is pretty intense at first, but that is normal with natural rubber, and it fades, especially after sterilizing. It never bothered my son. I have no comment on the longevity of the product, but it has held up well so far (2 weeks) and I am glad this product is available!