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    Lunette Cup

    Lunette Cup - Model 2

    All Lunette menstrual cups give you a comfortable, safe, odorless and eco-friendly period for up to 12 hours a day. 

    Easy to keep clean and lasting for several years, this product basically pays for itself after just 3 months! 

    Made with soft, medical grade silicon which is BPA and chemical free. It’s produced with the highest standards, testing and love.

    Each Lunette menstrual cup comes with a matching pouch (so you can keep it with you for whenever you need) and a handy guide.

    Lunette Menstrual Cup Model 2 for Normal or Heavy Flow

    • The diameter is 46 mm (1.8 inches) by 52 mm (2 inches).
    • The stem measures 20 mm (0.8 inches).
    • The volume of the cup is 30 ml (1.0 fl oz).
    • Measuring lines: 7.5ml (0.25 oz) and 15ml (0.5 oz)


    One Lunette cup Model 2, instruction booklet and storage pouch

    • Made in Finland 

    Customer Reviews

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    Will never go back to tampons

    I had been reading about menstrual cups for a while and honestly, I thought they sounded weird. Fast forward a couple years, I am actively trying to reduce my single use trash so I decided to give them a try. LOVE IT! I never leak, I only need to empty it twice a day, I never run out of tampons, easy to clean, and eco friendly. Was a bit of a learning curve getting it in and out, so I would recommend practicing while not on your period. Great purchase- I try to get all my friends to switch.