Triple Points Sept. 13-30


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    Ocamora Wooden Animal: Whale $15.00 USD $22.00 USD
    Ocamora Star Wand $18.00 USD

    When you live in the beautiful countryside of Cordoba, Spain, why wouldn’t you want to work from home? Laura and Gregorio, founders and parents of three sons, set out to create wooden playthings that are reminiscent of the natural objects their children may find on their land -- such as a smooth stone, a stick or maybe a flower. These found objects don’t come with a manual, and neither do Ocamora Wooden Toys! Designed for unstructured play, everything in their line is made from sustainable wood, and the colorful hues are a result of vegetable-based paints and oils. Children will develop hand-eye coordination, balance and more with the oh-so-stackable boards, cubes and rocks. The little ones can let their imaginations run wild with fun animals, trees and star wands.