All-In House Red


This All in One house in Red wood finish is so cute, and includes the house, tables, chairs, beds etc to create a play scene for any nins, peg people or dolls. Endless play opportunities and incredible beautiful to look at too.

Based on Waldorf and Montessori principles of open ended play and imagination, the Glückskäfer range, created in a family run business, and stunning to look at as well as play with. They will help develop your children’s imaginations and look like works of art when they’re not being played with.

Brightly coloured, or left to show the natural grain of the wood, Glückskäfer wooden toys are not laquered, to leave a finish that is easier for stacking.

Glückskäfer have been owned by Nic Toys since 2011, well known for specialising in natural and open ended toys for children.

Glückskäfer use only selected woods, mainly beech and maple, from European forests certified to FSC / PEFC standards for sustainable forestry. In their production, wood waste is collected and recycled energetically in their own factory. Furthermore, their products are tested, and mainly water-based paints are used. These are ecological and completely safe for the health of children.

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