Billes & Co Unicorn Box Set

Billes & Co Unicorn Box Set

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Box of 62 Unicorn marbles containing 8 varieties of marbles, 3 varieties of caps, and 1 variety of special marbles:

24 balls of 16mm
21 balls of 14mm
13 pebbles
4 caps of 22/25 mm

• Marbles selected from among the most beautiful in the world, sorted and arranged by hand
• Colorful and thematic assemblies, in playful and graphic universes

• Contemplate, marvel, meditate
• Reconnect with the materiality of the world with a screenless game
• Play in a context conductive to the expression of the imagination

• Organize to structure thought, develop memory
• Develop an aesthetic vocabulary (colors, shapes, textures)
• Stimulate the imagination, promote poetic correspondences
• Exercise motor skills, agility, dexterity

• French concept and design
• Shaping and handcrafting in France, at Atelier B&Co (colored papers and storage of marbles)
• 100% recyclable product
• Cardboard box, paper compartments, glass balls: Natural materials are in the spotlight!

Please note: These are made entirely of glass. They can chip with rough play. If a chip or sharp edge occurs please discard. 

  • Age: 5+
  • Made in France

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Customer Reviews

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Leigh A.W.
Not great

This is the first not so great review I’ve ever done here, and it makes me sad!! I bought these as a special treat for myself, to look at or fidget with when I’m feeling anxious. Unfortunately these marbles are nowhere near as nice as I expected. The quality for the smaller ones, and flat ones are on par with what you can find at any craft store. When they arrived I was so excited to open the box and see them arranged beautifully like in the picture. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, they didn’t stay in their nice rows and ended up all mixed together. They didn’t feel special at all, and because of that I wouldn’t give them as a gift.
I’m giving them two stars instead of one because they’re still pretty, and none of them were broken.

$40 is a lot of money, and for me it was a waste. If I bought them from a big box store I’d return them.

Hi Leigh Anne! Thank you so very much for taking the time to provide this feedback. We are so sorry to hear that you are disappointed in your Billes & Co marbles. Billes takes great pride in crafting the best quality natural glass marbles and pieces, right down to their 100% recyclable packaging. The paper packaging certainly does allow the marbles to move around a bit in transit and we will definitely pass your feedback onto Billes & Co.

We are a small company, but want you to be pleased with the quality of your purchase. Please email and our team will be happy to facilitate a return/refund for you.

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