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    Embe Starter Swaddle

    For Babies approx 0-3mos, 6-14lbs

    For the parent who isn’t sure which way their baby prefers to be swaddled, arms in or out, the Embe Starter 2-Way Swaddle with Long Sleeves allows you the versatility to swaddle either way and see which method your newborn enjoys, without having to buy two different products. Our long sleeve swaddle comes with fold-over mittens to help prevent scratching and keep hands warm while baby’s circulatory system is still developing during those first few months of life outside the womb. The embe Starter 2-Way Swaddle with Long-Sleeves is a versatile swaddle that allows you to swaddle both arms in, or 1 or 2 arms up and out.  
    The Embe Starter 2-Way Swaddle with Long Sleeves also features our unique "legs-out" or "legs-in" patented design, which lets you decide on swaddling for warmth with legs covered or leave their legs uncovered for babies that tend to get hot when swaddled and try to kick their swaddles off. The “no break-out” interior zipper design promotes longer, healthier sleep by recreating a womb-like comfort. Parents will sleep better knowing that we’ve implemented a no-rise neckline for Safety, and that our products are designated “hip healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. For newborns 6-14lbs (approximately 0-3 months old).
    No loose cloth to cover nose and mouth, no un-raveling, made of 100% all-natural cotton.

    Key Features
    • Arms In / Arms Out Swaddling
    • Long Sleeves with fold-over mittens
    • Patented Legs In / Legs Out Design
    • Cool Down, Warm up or Change Diapers Without Un-Swaddling 
    • No-Breakout Design Means Baby Stays Tucked In, Falls Asleep Faster
    • Hip Healthy Designation From International Hip Dysplasia Institute

    Product Info
    • Sizing:  22" L x 9.5" W (shoulders to end of pouch) 
    • Adjustable snaps allow for 3 different lengths:
    ▪ Legs IN:  17", 19", 22" (shoulders to end of pouch)
    ▪ Legs OUT:  12", 13.5", 15" (shoulders to crotch)
    • Material:  100% Cotton Jersey Knit
    • Fabric Weight:  5.6oz or 190gsm, 1.0 tog
    • Machine wash, tumble dry

      • Made in China 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews

      We have tried many different swaddles and swaddling techniques but so far this works the best! It doesn't bunch up around our 3 week old's neck and instantly works, calming him down and helping him sleep.

      Beautifully made, soft, and versatile.

      This swaddle makes life so much easier for new Mom’s & Dad’s. Love the options of having the baby’s arms out or in. Wasn’t even sure how to swaddle...this is a must!