Explore Sensory Starter Kit
Explore Sensory Starter Kit
Explore Sensory Starter Kit

Explore Sensory Starter Kit

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This Handmade Wooden Sensory Bin or Sensory Box is full of developmental manipulatives. Our wooden box kit is an excellent starter toy for hands-on learning and imaginative play. This is a preschooler toy or toddler toy ages 3 and up, with open-ended exploration opportunities to develop an understanding of physics, gravity, volume, shape, size, sound, how things fit together, similar and different, size relation. Add tactile manipulatives to make it a homemade surprise or seasonally appropriate toy.

Our Maker's Description:

Introducing the Explore With Me Sensory Box tool kit – an invaluable addition to hands-on learning. Oh how I love the open-endedness of a sensory bin. I love how many different skills can be practiced with a little bit of imagination and a box of "stuff". I always enjoy creating these seasonal boxes, it's a lot of fun for me to make - and how I love watching my little one’s excitement when she sits down to play – it’s like opening a present. It’s therapeutic and just plain fun.

My little explorer really enjoys playing with different nick-knacks in a tub filled with something tactile - I mean, who wouldn't? It's a great way to add texture to play while exploring a subject through excavation and discovery. Sometimes she mulls through the bin on her own and sometimes we work on it together, incorporating more conversation as she explores. Either way she is learning some very important lessons: physics, gravity, volume, shape, size, sound, how things fit together, similar and different, size relation...the list goes on.

There are so many ways to use, play, and explore with the contents in this kit. A wooden box is the window to sensorial play and imaginative excavation. Let your little one’s creativity go wild with the pouring, scooping, pinching, placing, picking, poking, and playing opportunities this learning box inspires. Add a smidgen of playful thought and create a unique and magical Explore With Me experience at each and every sit-down. This kit contains the basics and can be used over and over again – just change the ingredients and you can create a whole new learning adventure.

Some ideas for something tactile:
Uncooked Pasta
Un-popped Popcorn

What’s You Get:
- 1 wooden box measuring ( 8.5" x 8" x almost 2" deep ) to hold all your tools & can be used as the actual “Sensory Bin”
- 2 different wooden bowls
- 2 different wooden scoops
- 2 different wooden canisters with lids
- 1 pair of wooden tongs
- 1 muslin pouch to fit inside the box & put your main ingredient in.

  • Proudly made in the USA.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
2 year old loves 'cooking' with this

I was initially a little surprised at the size of this set (I had imagined it larger) but considering the price I'm not upset. My daughter is not phased at all by the size and immediately integrated it into her play cooking! Great value, lovely little kit.

Perfect for Tiny Hands

My 20 mos old loves incorporating these tools into her pretend kitchen play. I find her gravitating towards these each time we enter her play room — while we’re not yet using them in a sensory bin, they’re still an excellent addition to her role play.

Good for toddlers

My almost 1 yr/old and my almost 3.5 yr/old both love this kit. At first I thought it was small, however seeing my daughters play with it, the pieces are the perfect size for little ones. Parent must be around to supervise younger kids as the smaller pieces could be choking hazards. The box the tools arrive in stores all items nicely, however the box is not sturdy and you will want a separate sensory bin to use the tools. All said, would buy this again. Fosters imagination and independent play.

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