FeverFrida the Thermonitor


FeverFrida is the revolutionary baby thermometer that allows you to check your baby's temp without waking him or her through the use of your smart phone or tablet! Place the patch underneath your baby's arm and their temperature will be checked every 4 seconds, alerting your device if their temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold.

  • Includes:
    • 1 FeverFrida
    • 5 adhesive patches
    • 1 battery and battery removal tool
    • User manual
  • Wireless thermometer to remotely monitor baby's temperature
  • Checks baby's temperature every 4 seconds
  • Continuously stores data for pediatrician visits and medicine dose reminders
  • Alert sounds when temperature begins to rise
  • Customizable temperature threshold
  • Adhesive patches are available in replacements packs

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