Grimm's Dwarf Girls


Each little lady has a fringe and pixie hood and has been crafted by hand in a tradtional European method.  They're perfect for sticking into Grimm's toy boats, hiding in stacking bowls, can live in dolls' houses constructed with the fabulous Grimm's rainbows and will make a great addition to a Christmas tree.  These lovely dwarfs will encourage imaginative play in young children as they construct a play world for their dwarfs to live in.   Steiner educators will love these Waldorf dolls - they're beautiful and simple and encourage creativity.

They're completely eco, made only from Oeko-Tex Standard 100 fabrics and non-toxic, water-based paints so they're perfectly safe for little ones to enjoy.  If they get grubby, gently clean using hand wash. While the colors of the face are water-resistant, they can fade.

Each dwarf is 7 cm.  Recommended for ages 2+

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