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    Little Pitterpat

    Little Pitterpat Non Slip Shoes - Call of the Mountains - Pastel

    Perfect first walker shoes for your little one on the go. The unique grippy soles provide traction and stability your little one needs as they learn to walk with confidence. Scuff guards on the toes protect the shoe against scrapes and tears as they crawl. Shoes are fully lined, perfect for wear with or without socks. Gentle ankle elastic will keep shoes on the most active kickers and crawlers. Handmade in Bozeman, Montana

    Each item is carefully hand-cut and sewn one at a time to ensure premium quality. Please take the time to measure your child’s footprint to ensure the correct size is ordered for a perfect fit. 

    - Scuff guards on the toe protects shoe from crawlers
    - Slip proof rubberized sole - even on wet or icy surfaces
    - Back pull tab of easy on and off
    - Machine wash and dry-able for easy care

    Size Chart:

    Shoe Size: 0-1
    Child's Foot Length: To 10 cm or 4in
    Shoe Length: 11cm or 4-3/8in
    Shoe Width: 5.5cm or 2-1/4in

    Size: Medium
    Shoe Size: 1½-2½
    Child's Foot Length: To 11cm or 4-3/8in
    Shoe Length: 12 cm or 4-3/4in
    Shoe Width: 6cm or 2-3/8in

    Size: Large
    Shoe Size: 2½-3½
    Child's Foot Length: To 12 cm or 4-3/4in
    Shoe Length: 13 cm or 5-1/8in
    Shoe Width: 6.5cm or 2-1/2in

    Size: XL
    Shoe Size: 4-5
    Child's Foot Length: To 13 cm or 5-1/8in
    Shoe Length: 14 cm or 5-1/2in
    Shoe Width: 7 cm or 2-3/4in

    Size: XXL
    Shoe Size: 5½-6
    Child's Foot Length: To 14 cm or 5-1/2in
    Shoe Length: 15 cm or 5-7/8in
    Shoe Width: 7.25 cm or 2-7/8in

    To accurately measure your child's foot. Place a piece of paper on a firm flat surface (book, table, tile floor, etc). Have your child stand, or press their foot firmly onto the paper. Draw a line at the heal and the longest point of the toe. Measure the distance between the lines on the paper. 
    • Proudly made in the USA.

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