Lunapads Mini Pad & Insert


Lunapads are washable menstrual and incontinence pads designed to accommodate light, moderate, or heavy flow with a leakproof, absorbent core. The mini is a smaller sized pad with a length of 8 inches. Swap out inserts throughout the day to keep pads fresh and dry.

  • Maxi pad is 8" long and 2.5" wide when fastened
  • Includes 1 mini pad and 1 removable insert
  • A single pad will last a full day (when insert is changed before leaking through to pad)
  • All "pad" style Lunapads contain a leak-resistant core to prevent soaking through

Care Instructions:

  • Hand or machine wash in any temperature with regular detergent
  • It is recommended to rinse or pre-soak in cold water prior to laundering (do not soak over 24 hours)
  • Avoid chlorine bleach and fabric softeners

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