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    Micro Kickboard

    Micro G-Bike Chopper Deluxe

    This is the newly re-designed, top-selling balance bike for kids! Now with new front-wheel suspension and an additional training wheel attachment for added glide, stability, and longevity. Your little one will be ultra-comfortable with their Chopper when it comes time to transition to two wheels!

    Micro’s balance bikes offer the most fun and effective way for kids to learn how to ride a bike. The G-Bike Chopper Deluxe is a pedal-free beginner bike that helps children as young as 2 gain confidence balancing on their bike, transitioning from 3 to 2 wheels.

    Gripped foam-composite wheels are sturdy and fun for children up to 44 lbs, and hug the sidewalk for added safety. The wheels are non-marking, so your little one can ride in the safety of your home!

    The G-Bike Chopper comes with an adjustable foam seat and handlebars to accommodate your child’s growth and sharing among siblings. 

    Safety certified by the CPSC, the G-Bike Chopper Deluxe is recommended for children up to 44 lbs.

    SAFETY - For best protection, we strongly recommend that children wear helmets and knee pads when riding. Non marking wheels allow children to learn to ride in the safety of your home.

    • Age : 2 - 5 years
    • Capacity : 44 lbs
    • Bike Weight : 6 lbs
    • Height from Deck : 22" - 26"
    • Wheel Width : Front and back: 200 mm, Polyurethane
    • Wheels : 2
    • Steering : None

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      Second Birthday Present

      Pleased with the quality over other brands! Very popular item now a days- was told it’s a must have by pretty much everyone!