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    Rock Blocks

    Rock Blocks- 16 Piece Set: Matte Rainbow

    Rock Blocks were designed with asymmetrical shapes so you can build + balance towers, arches, mountains, letters, and shapes. Rock Blocks are not only a fun challenge for kids, but also adults!

    -Improves Coordination: Encourages development of dexterity, logic, and reasoning skills

    -Open-Ended Play: Balancing blocks allows children to build freely and creatively, letting the wonder of imagination run wild.

    -Unplugged Toy: Kids need hands-on, sensory toys, and rock blocks are sure to satisfy. No screens/batteries needed.

    -Captivating + Challenging: The best toy to keep kids, and the whole family, entertained and happy!

    -Child safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly building blocks.

      Set of 16. Packaged in a cardboard box.

      Every block is unique. The blocks shown will be different than the blocks you receive. Sizing can vary between a width/height of 1.5" and 3". Vibrancy of color depend on wood type.

      • Age: 2+

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      Fun For Everyone

      The whole family loves these. My two year old has issues stacking them but still loves to play with them. They are easy to wipe off too since they are painted.