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    Slumberkins Narwhal Snuggler Bundle

    Narwhal is a kind-hearted only child who has two moms. Both of Narwhal’s moms are highly involved in his life and do everything they can to make sure he never goes without. As helicopter parents, they are eager to support little Narwhal in any endeavor he wishes to pursue. With such a loving and encouraging home life, Narwhal gets to explore his interests and dedicate his focus to excelling at his favorite activities. 

    Happy and high achieving, Narwhal benefits from a privileged point of view. He is naive about the fact that not all creatures have access to the same opportunities. In his eyes, Narwhal is just like any other sea creature. His peers, on the other hand, see him more as the unicorn of the sea. Narwhal’s assumption that life is as easy for everyone as it is for him is often met with annoyance and anger. This sometimes leaves Narwhal feeling hurt and confused.

    This Growth Mindset Bundle provides parents and caregivers a resource to create loving routines that deepen the bond with their little one while teaching the valuable life skill of growth mindset. Narwhal's story introduces little ones to the concept responsibility and teamwork. Through problem-solving and recognizing when to ask for help, Narwhal learns how to make a difference in the world around him.

    The Growth Mindset Bundle Promotes:
    Problem Solving

    This Growth Mindset Bundle includes a Narwhal Snuggler, a fully illustrated board book, and a keepsake affirmation card.

    Slumberkins are big believers in promoting safe sleep, and in sticking with the rules of creating a safe sleep space. For that reason, it's key to remember that if your baby is under a year old, you should avoid putting any item in the crib that may be a SIDS risk. Not sure if a particular toy is safe for your baby? We always recommend checking with your baby's healthcare provider. Slumberkins are intentionally designed without any small, detachable plastic pieces. All of Slumberkins are safety tested and ASTM certified at the highest level, which is paramount in this product category of children's toys.

      Product Details:

      • Narwhal is made out of the softest silky to the touch fabric and stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.
      • 100% Polyester Material
      • Narwhal measures 14 inches long and 9 inches wide at the feet.
      • The Narwhal board book and affirmation card measure 5" x 7".
      • Slumberkins are intentionally designed without any small, detachable plastic pieces.
      • Machine Washable
      • Age: 0+
      • Made in Vietnam

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Perfect first Slumberkin

      I have seen a lot of the hype about slumberkins on instagram and facebook, and since my daughter is 1 I wasn't sure that some of the emotions addressed were very important for her yet, but the growth mindset of the Narwhal book sounded like the right place to start talking about her emotions for now. I also knew I wanted to get her a lovey since at 1 year old the AAP advises it's considered safe for babies to sleep with one. I'm so pleased with the entire set, the lovey is soft, light, and a great size for little hands. Even the firmer fabric on the horn has a velvety feel. The book has lovely watercolor illustration and messaging, and I like that the mantra is also on the card (although I haven't figured out the best way to use this yet, probably going to search the web for ideas on whether to frame it orrr?). We are definitly now slumberkin fans!

      Ashley L.
      So soft

      We love our narwhal. It’s super soft and just the right size for cuddling!

      Eugenia L.
      Slumberkins Narwhal

      Baby boy loved it, very soft. Perfect baby gift.