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    Veggie Baby

    Veggie Baby Finger Paints

    We all want our children to be able to be creative and play with paints and colors, but we also want them to be safe and natural; especially if we have little ones that tend to get a little messy or put their fingers in their mouth.  Veggie Baby Finger Paints are made with natural, veggie-based powders that let them express themselves in bold, colorful new ways while parents can enjoy true peace of mind.

    These fun and colorful finger paints for kids are vegan-friendly, made with natural and organic veggies, and completely edible. Better yet, you simply need to add water to create a fun “paint” kids can play with. Just add a single teaspoon of powder to two teaspoons of water (1:2) to create easy-to-use paints.

    Just add water.. Made with real vegetable powders (no wheat, no dairy, no sugar and no preservatives).  If they can eat, they can paint!

    • 6+ months
    • CPSIA Compliant
    • Please supervise children at all times
    • Made in the USA

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                                                    Safe to get messy

                                                    I love how safe these are: I don't feel bad about my little one getting them all over himself. And he loves the opportunity for making a mom-approved mess