Aid Through Trade

Aid Through Trade


      Aid Through Trade is a Founding Member of the Fair Trade Federation and is the only authorized provider of Fair Trade Roll-On® Bracelets. Your purchase provides women with fair income + benefits in a safe and healthy work environment. Aid Through Trade empowers women by creating opportunity through beautifully designed jewelry.

      While teaching in the late '80s as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal, Damian Jones became inspired by the artisans of the Kathmandu Valley and intrigued by the use of glass beads in the Nepalese culture. Damian visited many artisans and artisan groups in various regions of Nepal, and observed the artisans as they created unique jewelry designs. Damian recognized that although the designs varied from place to place, there was one undeniable constant across all villages: Women’s lives changed dramatically when they had an income.

      Upon his return to the United States, Damian began to conceptualize the idea of working with artisans in a fair, dignified manner as a way to improve their lives. Damian quickly realized that if he were going to succeed in a global marketplace, he would need to emphasize continual design and re-design. After traveling back to Nepal numerous times, Damian actualized his vision in 1993, founding Aid Through Trade, a fashion design company with ethics, and introducing to the world for the first time to The Original Roll-On® Bracelet.

      As a pioneer in the Fair Trade fashion industry, they empower the lives of women by employing practices such as ensuring fair pay, a sustainable income, and a safe and healthy working environment.

      Aid Through Trade is also a member of Green America, and is committed to sustainability in all aspects of their business. They make decisions not only for the future of their business, but also the future welfare of our artisans abroad. They also believe that human actions affect the environment and consequently take proactive measures to limit our environmental footprint.


      -Products made in Nepal

      -Eco Friendly, Woman Owned, Handmade