When it comes to keeping your baby calm and cozy, you need a small arsenal of soothing solutions. When you aren’t nursing, a great “binkie” is the first line of defense against the fussies. Our BIBS USA Pacifiers are on another level, made from 100% latex, chemical-free, and mimic the unrivaled comfort of mom. Are you a good swaddler? Who would’ve thought that wrapping up babies like tiny burritos is the key to sanity! Your little one will be the cutest one around in our sweet, solid and printed Swaddling Blankets. Putting traditional sunscreen on a baby or toddler is no picnic! All of that wriggling, crying and frustration (we’re talking about you, not your baby). Make it easy on both of you with our non-irritating, all natural, and cooling Sunscreens. Don’t forget about their noggin’. These adorable Sun Hats and Bonnets keep them stylish and safe.