Triple Points Sept. 13-30


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    Toddler and Pretend Play

    Plan Toys Banjo $30.00 USD
    Ocamora Wooden Animal: Whale $15.00 USD $22.00 USD
    The toddler years should really be called the “why years'' because they are always asking questions! This is an important and really fun period of growth as the tots begin to recognize and identify common objects, solve simple problems and fantasize more creatively (cue that imaginary friend). We’ve got a dizzying array of realistic pretend play toys that kiddos 3 and older will love. They can try their hand at dentistry and construction with wooden sets from Plan Toys. Have a budding chef or bus driver? The seriously cool retro toy vehicles (check out the food trucks) from Candylab will get them on their way. For young Picassos, Ooly’s Scratch & Scribble art kits are a mess-free (yay) way to express themselves. Let’s play pretend!