Triple Points Sept. 13-30


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    EZPZ Happy Mat $24.99 USD
    EZPZ Happy Bowl $19.99 USD
    EZPZ Mini Mat $19.99 USD
    EZPZ Mini Bowl $17.49 USD
    Boon Snug Straw $9.99 USD
    Is around 5pm the ‘witching hour’ at your house? It’s a phenomenon that babies and toddlers get the crankies at mealtime. While we can’t bounce them on our knee while you get the spaghetti on the table, the least we can do is help make things a little more pleasant! Our line of eco-friendly baby and kid’s dishes by Avanchy and Mushie have nifty features like suction to keep that plate off of the floor, easy-to-clean bamboo and chemical-free plastic, and with soft colors and sleek lines, they look great to boot. We’ve also figured out a way to keep your kiddos from wearing their food. It’s a’s an’s a bapron! This bestseller from Bapron Baby is a full coverage smock that’s waterproof, machine washable and comes in adorable patterns like Taco Party, Cookies & Milk and Camping Bears. You’ll find it comes in handy for art and playtime!