How to Wash Cloth Diapers

When parents consider cloth diapers for their babies, one of the first things they worry about is the laundry: How do I wash cloth diapers? Laundering and maintaining cloth diapers is simple. Modern detergents and machines are very effective and modern cloth diapers are designed to wash thoroughly and dry quickly.

Follow the Guidelines

First, it is important to know the manufacturer’s recommendations for caring for your diapers. Different materials and designs might have different care instructions and it is best to follow them accordingly.

Second, it is important to use enough detergent to get your diapers clean. One of the prevalent myths about cloth diapers is that using too much detergent can cause a “build up” problem. This is not true, and skimping on detergent causes diapers to not come clean enough, which then does cause ammonia and bacterial build up.

Keep it Simple

Lastly, keep it simple. Place the diapers in your machine and wash with detergent, then run an extra rinse cycle to be sure the detergent rinses well from the diapers and won’t irritate your baby’s skin.

If you find you are struggling with washing then ask your retailer or the manufacturer for assistance. If you have purchased from reputable companies they will be there to support you and help you trouble shoot, as they want your journey with cloth diapers to be successful.

Enzyme cleaners, vinegar, baking soda, and fabric softeners are not necessary and can harm your diapers with regular use. Soaking of natural fibers, especially in detergents for extended times can cause premature wear and tear as cotton rot can set in. For this reason it is recommended that you store dirty diapers in a dry pail and do not soak them.

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