Frequently Asked Questions About LABL Protect

What is LABL Protect?

LABL Protect is an optional service that provides coverage for your shipments against lost, stolen or damaged orders while in transit. It offers peace of mind by ensuring that you receive a replacement or refund for the value of the item if it is lost, stolen or damaged while in transit to your address.

How does LABL Protect work?

When you opt into LABL Protect at the time of purchase, it adds an additional layer of security to your order. If you package is lost, stolen or damaged during shipment, you can contact the merchant you ordered from directly and they can submit a claim in your behalf or you can fill out a claim form to submit your claim on your own. 

Do I have to pay extra for LABL Protect?

Yes, LABL Protect is an optional service, and there is an additional fee associated with this product. The cost is calculated based on the total value of your order. 

What does LABL Protect cover?

LABL Protect covers the following scenarios:

  • Lost: If your package is lost in transit

  • Theft: If your package is stolen after delivery

  • Damage: If your package arrives damaged

How long do I have to wait to know if my claim has been approved?

Our average response time for claims review is 2 business hours. Please note that claims submitted outside our specified time frames may experience a delay as we wait to ensure that appropriate time has passed.

Lost Orders - Claims must be filed 7 days after last date of tracking update.
Stolen Orders - Claims must be filed 5 days after the date of delivery.

Damaged Orders - Claims can be submitted immediately upon discovery.

What is not covered by LABL Protect?

LABL Protect does not cover the follow:

  • Claims for packages delivered to an incorrect address due to an error on the customer’s part

  • Cosmetic damage 

Is there a time limit for filling a claim?

Yes, you must file a claim within 15 days of the item’s last tracking update, of when it was marked as delivered, and of receiving a damaged item. It is important to report the issue as soon as possible to ensure a quick resolution.

How long does it take to process a claim with LABL Protect?

You should find out if your claim has been approved within just a few hours of the merchant or you submitting a claim. Reorders are placed at the time of approval as well. 

What happens after a claim is approved?

When your claim has been approved, you will be eligible for a refund or a replacement of the lost, stolen, or damaged item. 

Can I add LABL Protect to my order after purchase?

Unfortunately, you cannot add LABL Protect after an order has been placed. You must opt into this service at the time of purchase.

Can I cancel or get a refund for LABL Protect?

If you cancel your purchase before your order shipping, you will receive a refund for LABL Protect. However, LABL Protect is not refundable if the order has shipped.