Antonio Juan Dolls

Antonio Juan Dolls


      Born in 1958, in the city of Onil, province of Alicante, cradle of the Spanish toy industry since the end of the 19th century.

      A modest family business, in which three generations of toy makers converge and which, since then, has not stopped growing to become a world reference in the manufacture of dolls under the principles of quality, tradition and sustainability.

      At Muñecas Antonio we made a commitment to the territory, to generate wealth in our area and not to relocate production to distant countries with less favourable working conditions. Since our origins, we have maintained all our production activity in the municipality of Onil, cradle of the doll industry since the nineteenth century, and from which our company was born.

      For more than 60 years, we have been supporting the local development of families and small businesses in the municipality and the region. As members of the Circle of Manufacturers of Dolls of Onil, all our dolls have the added value that gives them the Origin stamp, synonymous with quality, exclusivity and authenticity that characterize the dolls created 100% in Onil.

      Authentic handcrafted pieces born from expert hands that have wanted to preserve the know-how and tradition of generations of master toy makers, managing to preserve the development and success of the sector in the area.

      Not only are we committed to healthy play, but we also feel responsible for leaving a more sustainable world for future generations.

      Zero waste production- We have implemented a series of actions aimed at reducing environmental pollution throughout our production chain, providing concrete and immediate solutions that contribute to curbing the greenhouse effect.

      Organic fabrics- We have incorporated organic fabrics in the manufacture of our doll's clothes, being the first company in the sector to join the ecological fabrics.

      Equal play- The doll has been a toy traditionally associated with girls, with a direct link to the role of mother and caregiver with which women have been identified until very recently.
      Society is changing and it is time to end these sexist stereotypes in the game.

      Playing with dolls brings many benefits, encourages creativity and helps children to channel and express emotions.

      Our dolls bring values that will serve them throughout their lives, such as solidarity, affection, equality, greater tolerance and empathy.