Why Fluf?

      A better bag: functional, durable, healthy + safe.

      Ten years ago, we smelled a problem: lunch bags that stank - literally. They weren’t washable and, even worse, were loaded with toxic chemicals that have no business being anywhere near a kid's lunch. Clean and simple: we knew we could make better bags.

      Fluf weaves, prints and dyes all of their own fabrics, and make organic cotton bags - simple, useful bags that are better for you, and the planet. They are sustainably made in every way, always machine washable, and designed to make your life easier.

      They're a values-led company, driven to create fun and functional products that look great and make customers happy. They're equally committed to ensuring that their products are sustainably and ethically made, as well as healthy and safe for humans and the earth.

      Fluf is also 100% women owned and operated!