Poco Nido

Poco Nido


      Poco Nido are a podiatrist approved, award-winning European baby and children's footwear brand. Producing exclusively barefoot friendly shoes for children aged from 3 months to 5 years that are affordable, fun and functional.

      Founded in 2011, their baby & childrens shoes are the result of years spent working in the footwear industry. They combined travel inspiration, children's bedtime stories and a love of pattern with a desire to make a better, more functional product. Poco Nido shoes offer the perfect combination of barefoot and shoe, allowing foot to ground contact with a little added protection, providing a hardy non-slip surface, which moves with a toddler's foot. * Mini shoes are THE perfect baby shoe. Easy to pop in a bag, ideal for nursery, soft play or occasional outdoor use. Suitable from 3 months to 3 years, they're flexible and soft enough to nurture first steps. Tested by Intertek, all Poco Nido baby slippers are free from nasty chemicals, exposed elastic and choke hazards and made by hand in Europe.

      Why barefoot?

      Poco Nido believes in head starts. They think shoes should help, not hinder, those first important steps.
      When each experience is new, who needs shoes which fall off, or don’t move and flex like your own feet do? Walking, running and jumping are all major milestones and are achieved more quickly and confidently without shoes. So why stifle progress with thick inflexible soles when there’s an alternative.
      It’s crucial kids grow up with healthy feet, free from foot pain, brimming with confidence and well connected to their surroundings. Good foot health for toddlers results in strong muscle development, better balance, and improved sensory feedback, all of which contribute to increased confidence levels and general well-being.
      Barefoot is KING for foot health, but you can’t always let kids be barefoot due to environmental factors, so barefoot friendly shoes are the next best thing. Barefoot friendly soles are so much better for your child.