Tolo Toys

Tolo Toys


      Tolo Toys is the unmistakable collection of developmental toys which offers unsurpassed educational benefit for children during their formative years. Everything in the Tolo range of products is designed with safety and durability in mind. Only the highest grade materials are used and rigorous testing procedures ensure that quality standards remain consistently high.

      When choosing a toy for a much loved child it’s comforting to know that, not only are you giving the very best in quality and design, but your purchase is informed and has come from the very best of sources. This is why Tolo Toys is a proud to hold ICTI Certification for Social and Environmental Accountability and ISO 9001 certification for their superb quality standards.

      With the New Bio collection, they contribute in helping reduce the planet's carbon footprint. Made with new Bio plastics derived from wheat straw, these sustainable toys come in new recyclable packaging printed with soy ink.

      Tolo Toys is accredited with ICTI certification which promotes fair labor and employee health and safety in the toy industry supply chain worldwide. It also refers to ethical manufacturing in regards to Social and Environmental Accountability.

      All Tolo Toys are designed with safety in mind and are subsequently tested to ASTM, EN71, CPSIA standards. This ensures that all parents can rest assured that Tolo Toys are safe for their children. The surface of a Tolo product is smooth and shiny, with no sharp edges, and the use of paint is avoided where possible.