Triple Points Sept. 13-30


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    Veer Nap System $89.00 USD
    Veer Custom Sidewall Kit from $59.00 USD
    Veer Basecamp $179.00 USD
    Veer Air Pad $99.00 USD
    We’ve all watched with kinship and a little amusement as a parent struggles to steer their stroller down a slope or across an uneven field while carrying a bag, a sippy cup and a tray of post-game snacks (let’s face it, we’ve all been there)! Standard strollers are made for flat sidewalks not rocks, sand, snow and mud. Veer co-founder Andrew Bowman knows the struggle is real. That’s why he put together a dream team of engineers, designers and craftspeople to disrupt the baby stroller industry and create the Veer Cruiser. This stylish, all-terrain wagon makes family adventures limitless. You can push it like a traditional stroller or pull it like a cart. You can even attach a car seat and transport both your baby and toddler with ease. With Veer, there’s nothing but a smooth road ahead!