Grapat Nins Cold Colors


This Grapat toy set includes 3 Nins® carved from dark wood and then stained in cold tone colours purple, blue and green. The beautiful dark wood grain is easily visible through the cool colours, making each handcarved Nin® unique and special. These pack of 3 Nins® allows you to add variety and depth of colour to your wooden toy collection, inviting questions about the wonderful colours that can be found in nature.

These Waldorf peg dolls encourage a colourful world of imagination, role play and natural play, with the pace set by the children. These open-ended wooden characters can easily be lended to sorting or counting games, especially when combined with peg dolls of other sizes and colours. 

These Grapat Nins are beautifully crafted and stained with wonderful cool rainbow colours. 

Recommended for 12+ months. Nins® measure 6cm in height.  Grapat toys are hand made using natural wood and water based stain. Colours and wood grains vary as does life itself. Over time wood can wear with play. 

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