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Grimm's Thread Game Small Bobbins

This small threading game is very versatile in its play options: First, children can stack and then they can practice threading. If they know the colours, they can sort and stack the bobbins on the colored dowels.

Age: 1 year +

Materials: maple wood and limewood, non-toxic water based color stain or non-toxic plant based oil finish.

Size: H = 4.5 cm 8 pieces

Unique Markings:

Grimm's loves wood because it is a natural material so it always has various markings that show up in their products, making each one unique. Grimm’s toys are always one of a kind, carrying unique marks made by nature. Wood grain has changing structures and colors which serve as proof of its natural origins. The unique variations are proof of quality, not defects. Discover the markings that make your Grimm’s toy Simply Unique!

From Nature:

Every piece of wood has its own appearance, its own character and its own vitality. Its natural characteristics, and unique markings are therefore always to be considered. For example, dark spots on the rainbow are caused by mineral deposits. This means that if the tree had grown further, a branch would have developed at this point.

Black stripes are also something completely natural. This is the so-called pith tube or "heart of the tree". It differs from the surrounding wood by the darker color and structure. When working on the wood, it can become completely or partially visible. This feature is part of the natural appearance of the wood. Therefore, these are not defects for Grimm's, but quality features of a natural product and as such are desired and welcome by them. We love this uniqueness of wood!


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Lower Quality Than Used to From Grimm's

I do like this toy, and it's definitely one that I see being used as my 16 month grows. The only thing I that is disappointing is after just a couple weeks of occasional use, as intended, already one of the pegs that the bobbins sit on came out which concerns me as a choking hazard. I plan to use wood glue to secure it back again, but this was the first time that a Grimm's toy essentially broke on us so it was surprising.


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