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    Boon Jellies $14.99 USD
    Boon Pipes - Navy $14.99 USD
    Boon Marco $17.99 USD
    Boon Frog Pod $19.99 USD
    Boon Snug Straw $9.99 USD
    Boon Snug Spout $9.99 USD

    Isn’t a messy bathtub an oxymoron? We think so! The Frog Pond by BOON was born out of the need to make tub time super fun for babies and a breeze to clean up for mom and dad! This tidy toad scoops up toys and keeps the icky mold away. It’s just one of the innovative products from this Arizona-based company that is all about being a ‘boon,’ or helpful with every non-toxic product they make. Turn your tub into a factory with Water Gears and Tubes, use a net to hunt for Water Bugs and get sticky with Boon Jellies! Colorful and practical, BOON Bath Toys are as educational as they are entertaining.