Kids Raw Cognac Amber + Amazonite Necklace

Kids Raw Cognac Amber + Amazonite Necklace

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Our Baltic Amber & Gemstone Jewelry is beautifully handmade, comfortable, lightweight, and radiates energies of peace and calm when worn close to the skin. Naturally healing jewelry, wearing Baltic Amber will help boost your immune system, reduce inflammation and restore oxygen to the body, all naturally!

Amber Jewelry has been a source of traditional healing passed on for many generations and is widely used + treasured throughout the world as an alternative medicine with proven health benefits.

Which size should I select?

We recommend measuring your or your little ones neck/ankle/wrist with a string to ensure the greatest fit! Since everyone is a different size at various stages in life, it is the best way to determine which length will be the best!
*You ONLY want to be able to fit two fingers underneath the necklace when it’s on the babe, that's a good fit! However, you do not want them to be able to pull it up and over their chin.

How do I care for my amber jewelry and can it get wet?

You would care for Amber just as you would your skin.  It can be worn all the time and in the shower, in the sea and while swimming. We do recommend that you remove the jewelry if you’re going to be swimming in a chlorinated pool as the chemicals that can be rather harsh on your skin will have the same affects on the jewelry. However, it can be worn with other metals and as long as the soaps are natural there shouldn’t be any problems with it coming in contact with the jewelry.

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I think it’s working?

I decided to give an amber teething necklace a try because people swear by them and my infant has really been going to town teething on his hand, my hand and fussing in the late afternoon/evening. It seems to calm him a bit, although sometimes he will still fuss with it on. I put it around his ankle for naps and at night. I wish it had one of those clasps that will come undone if force is exerted on it. Instead it has an amber colored plastic clasp that screws.

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