Grapat 7 Moons Calendar Acorn Nins Wooden Toys Grapat
Grapat 7 Moons Calendar Acorn Nins Wooden Toys Grapat
Grapat 7 Moons Calendar Acorn Nins Wooden Toys Grapat

Grapat 7 Moons Calendar Acorn Nins

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This Grapat toy set includes 7 acorn Nins, 7 cups and a wooden dish.

7 acorn Nins® to represent each day of the week according to Waldorf teaching.  A tangible way for children to learn about the rhythm of the 7 day week with each colour Nin representing a different day. This Waldorf toy set is also perfect for all sorts of play and games too, the Nins can jump in and out of their vessels or stand on top of them.  Young children can learn colours, learn to count and match the coloured Nins to their bowls. Older children will create their own imaginary worlds and the peg dolls can be the characters. This is a beautiful set that is sure to be treasured and played with for many years.

Dimensions: Dish: 18 cm diameter

  • Age: 3+
  • Made in Spain 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
7 moons calendar

We weren't sure about this at first but we ended up loving it and playing with it every day!

High quality

These are high quality and so cute! They are set out to play with and eventually we can work in the days of the week.

My 3 year old loves it

I wasn't totally sure if my son would be into this, but *I* was interested, so I bought it. We have it sitting in the middle of our kitchen table, and he loves waking up the Nin of the day each morning. He likes me to tell him about what will happen each day as he goes around the circle pointing at each Nin, and he especially likes it when he already knows what will happen that day, such as preschool. We have even incorporated the color of the day and that day's events into a naptime/bedtime song that he requests. I don't know that previously he was particularly stressed about knowing or not knowing what would happen each day, but this toy has added a nice new routine to our lives and sparked a lot of conversation (and lullabies)!

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