Baby Quoddle Abel Series Twin Pack
Baby Quoddle Abel Series Twin Pack

Baby Quoddle Abel Series Twin Pack

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A twin pack of all natural bottles. Choose between Newborn Flow and Medium Flow. Completely plastic free, these nursing bottle are made from borosilicate glass and pure hevea rubber. Features easy to attach nipple and perfectly shaped for composite or bottle feeding. All components are free of BPA, polycarbonates, phthalates and PVC. Two bottles with 300ml capacity.


  • Comes with two nipples and caps
  • Designed in Cairns, Australia
  • Recommended 0-3 (Newborn Flow) and 3+ (Medium Flow)
  • Glass is dishwasher-safe and thermal shock resistant
  • Compliant with Australian and International standards
  • Rubber nipples are softer than their silicone counterparts
  • Sandblasted logo to eliminate any leachable compounds
  • Very hygienic as nipples are moulded as one piece without joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate
  • Designed with the philosophy of 'back to basics' to encourage a shared nursing experience
  • Not for use unsupervised
  • The rubber should not be exposed to heat. They cannot be sterilized with heat based sterilizer. Any exposure to heat will cause damage to rubber compound. 

care instructions:

For cleaning of the rubber Baby Quoddle recommends the 'Milton' formula or tablets.

Nipples are made from natural rubber that is very supple and will adjust with use to babies flow. We recommend that the nipples be replaced every 4-6 weeks with constant use or with any signs of wear, this may happen as we use a natural compound and no hardening agents. 


2 x 300ml (10 oz). Brasiliensis hevea rubber and borosilicate hand blown glass.

Made in Malaysia.

Phone: 1-406-522-0800

Customer Service Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm (MST)

If you have a questions about your order, want to give feedback, please contact us by email or phone.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Michele D.
Large 2 pack bottles

Love them…I cannot say enough about these beautiful bottles. I feel like I’m in a bygone era where things were pure and special and cherished. Yes…I cherish a bottle! I’ll add, my bottle is for my silicone dolls but if I had a baby, they’d be using this bottle! I’m going to order the smaller version, too!

Karolina B.
Simple is good

Love the design of these. They look good and I don’t have to worry about micro plastics. This is the second set we’ve gotten since our little one started drinking more. The natural rubber nipples do get worn out after a while but I’d still get this over the silicone options out there.

Stephanie C.
Try these!!

Not only are these beautiful and eco friendly, but they are the best bottles we’ve tried. Now on my third, I wish I would have known about them with my first. They’re so easy to clean, and honestly the closest bottle to match nursing that I’ve found. If I have another, I would definitely be using these again!

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